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Our Team at 4 Pawz Loves to Make Pets Smile

Keeping your dog or cat in the Huron and Sioux Falls region happy and healthy is our focus at 4 Pawz Pet Care and Mobile Spa, and that philosophy begins with our loving and caring staff. We’ve been working with our satisfied clients since 2007, and our success starts with owner and groomer Jenn DeBoer, whose been professionally pampering pets around this area for 17 years. Our expert boarding services are managed by Lacey McDermott and assisted by Hope Schiltz and Karlee Richman. Let’s meet our team:

Meet the Staff at 4 Pawz Pet Care and Mobile Spa

Jenn DeBoer
Owner and Mobile Groomer

“I have been a pet lover ever since I was a small child, and began working in the Pet Care Industry way back in 2001. Six years later, I became a groomer, and many around Huron might say that today I care more about pets than I do about people! That being said, I can’t think of a time when my pets have ever let me down, or not been happy to see me. My husband Mike and I currently have 2 cats, Libby and Smokey, and 3 French Bulldogs named Fiona, Phoebe and Frankie. All in all, I love both cats and dogs, as they have always been an essential part of my life.”

Lacey McDermott
Boarding Manager & Grooming Assistant

“I grew up in the small farming town of Hitchcock, and animals were a part of my everday life. I have always loved them. I spent year s of my childhood as a volunteer for the humane society. I’m so excited I’ve found a place to work where I can indulge my love of animals, and not keep them all myself.

I’m a mother of 6 children, and we have a dog Logan and a cat Aphmau.”

Hope Schiltz
Boarding Assistant

“My name is Hope Schiltz. I moved to Huron from Minnesota when I was 15. I’m a senior this year and as I look back on what I wanted to be when I was younger, I always told people I wanted to work with animals. I’ve had different thoughts as to what I wanted to be since then, but now that graduation is quickly approaching, I’ve decided I want to be a vet tech. I absolutely love animals and I couldn’t imagine life without having them when I was younger. I grew up with dogs and cats my whole life and there was never a dull moment with them around. I love getting to work with dogs everyday; they all have such different personalities and it’s so fun getting to know them!”

Karlee Richman
Groomer and Boarding Assistant

“My name is Karlee. I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life. If I could, I’d own them all, but since I can’t, I take joy in my small funny farm at home. I have 3 labs now: Cooper, Roxy, and Sage. I also have 2 cats, Whiskey, featured in my picture, and Max, who I’ve had since I was young.

There’s always been animals in my home. At one point there were three dogs, my two cats, and two rabbits.”

If you live in the Huron and Sioux Falls area, contact us soon to learn more about how we pamper all animals, and the ways that 4 Pawz’ team can make your loveable pet smile today!