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From our mobile salon experience based out of Sioux Falls, 4 Pawz Mobile Spa has your dog or cat’s pampering needs covered. From head to pawz, we’ve been committed to healthier, happier and better-groomed domestic pets for over 12 years now!

All of our pets deserve to feel special, as they do the same for us every day! Get in touch with us soon if we can help bring a smile to the face of your loveable pet. And, don’t forget to pre-register your pet before calling for a grooming appointment using our convenient online registration form. That process will save you time and effort moving forward down-the-road to a happier, healthier and more-content pet!

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If you are wanting to schedule a grooming appointment with the Mobile Spa in Sioux Falls, please click on the ‘Sioux Falls Mobile Spa” box or download the Moego scheduling App. If you are having trouble with the technology links, please don’t hesitate to text/call Jenn at (605) 461-2685.

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4 Pawz Mobile Spa
Based out of Sioux Falls
Phone: (605) 461-2685
Hours: Monday-Saturday 7:30am-4:30pm